"The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience."
- Lester Bangs

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wamu Theater, Seattle, WA

"I've been to this venue 3 times-- Each time security is worse than the last. The very first time the crowding was so horrible the band on stage (Motion City Soundtrack, an opener no less) stopped the show and did security's job, making the crowd step back and helping point out people in trouble since security refused.

The second time as I saw MCR in May of '07, the venue security not only ignored an obviously dehydrated concert goer, but refused to get us a bottle of water when we forced her to sit down. Finally the third time I asked a venue staffer they brought us a bottle.

The third, and unfortunately what may be the last time, venue security severely overreacted and threw out my mother.

I don't like to go to this venue because security is unfriendly and always acts like, 'It's your fault," - no matter what happens to you! Overall the staff have a poor, poor attitude."

- Karla S.

Wamu Theater: 1

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