"The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience."
- Lester Bangs

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

So you're having this great dream. In the dream, you're hanging out in with your favorite band. You're kind of like best friends forever with them/him/her and - let's not lie - it's totally awesome. But then it gets better:

"Hey you, we have a surprise! We wrote a song for you?" says YourFavoriteBand.

"Who me?" you ask innocently.

"Yes, you! A whole song, written by us, for you!" YourFavoriteBand replies.

You're almost speechless. You manage to stutter out one more question. "But...why me?"

YourFavoriteBand laughs. "Because, silly, you are the greatest fan ever. We know we could never, ever have gotten where we are without you. Your support keeps us going. You've always been there for us - and we want you to know that we are always there for you. Now, let's hug it out!"

YourFavoriteBand opens his/her/their arms wide...


Oh shit, your alarm just went off and not only was that a dream, not only did you not get that awesome hug, but you're late for work/school/community service/breakfast.

You stumble out of bed - OW! OWOWOW! - you step on something sharp and plasticy. Like a CD...
You look down in your lap and there's a copy of "Moon Face: Bootlegs and Road Recordings 2006-2009" by Ezra Furman and the Harpoons -- YourFavoriteBand. You sigh, pic it up off the floor -- if only that dream has been true...

And then, as you hold the CD in your hands, you remember....they DID write a song for you.

The critics are saying Ezra Furman is the punk Bob Dylan, a poet for a generation. With a voice like the Violent Femmes and musings like a psychedelic prophet, Ezra and the Harpoons have gotten themselves quite a gaggle of dedicated fans. So what did they do?

On their latest release, "Moon Face: Bootlegs and Road Recordings 2006-2009," Mr. Furman has decided to personally write a short song for each person who purchases a copy. Is this the craziest and perhaps most undoable idea you've ever heard? Maybe. Is it the best gift a fan could ever get from TheirFavoriteBand? Without a doubt.

I've heard of a lot of bands and a lot of special treats they give their dedicated fans - but I have never heard of anything quite like this.

Mr. Furman, Love Your Fans humbly bows down to you as the king. Thanks for treating us like we deserve to be treated.

Rating: 5

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